Business Activities
Classes Underwritten : All classes except life insurance
Senior Vice President / Chief Underwriting Officer : Joshua Wong Yeo Siong (
Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines
: Norliza Ishak, Vice President / Underwriter (
Sharilawati Kasim, Manager (
Zunaidi Yusof, Manager (
North Asia & Indo-China : Lim Wai Meng, Manager (
Retakaful, MENA (Middle East & North Africa), Turkey, India Sub-Continent : Hassanal Bukhari Abdullah,
Assistant Vice President (
Amar Rizal Ibrahim, Deputy Manager (
Madihah Mat Nor, Deputy Manager (
Facultative – All Classes  (including Retakaful) : Mazni Zainin, Vice President / Underwriter (
Oil & Gas for All Territories Mukrim Ab Halim, Manager (
Property & Engineering for All Territories Saiful Hidayat Sulaiman, Manager (
Casualty for All Territories Irene Sim Kwang Yein, Deputy Manager (
Risk Surveys and Assessments
Risk Management Services
Consultancy Work
: Mazni Zainin, Vice President / Underwriter (
Estimation of Probable Maximum Loss
Quotation for Facultative Risks
Mukrim Ab Halim, Manager (

Saiful Hidayat Sulaiman, Manager (

Joshua Wong Yeo Siong, Senior Vice President / Chief Underwriter Officer

Lim Wai Meng, Manager (

Evelyn S. Kinajil, Head of Claims and Retrocession Recovery

Johana Era Zainudin, Chief Executive Officer

Maureen J. Kananong, Senior Vice President / Chief Investment Officer

Maureen J. Kananong, Senior Vice President / Chief Investment Officer

Hanan Hayati Ahmad Kushairi, Manager (

Chai Wei Kok, Chief Information Officer

Rohayu Hj Idris, Head Of Human Resource & Administration

Raymond J. Rajayah, Assistant Vice President